Arguably the best countries in Europe for lamb production, our British & Welsh lamb produce meat with outstanding flavour and succulence year round. Alongside the benefits of quality and flavour, our Prime Meats range of lamb supports British farmers. 

Welsh lamb is our primary British offering, Prime Meats Welsh lamb carries the Welsh Lamb logo, indicating consistent high quality. Our Welsh lamb also carries the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status as a guarantee of its Welsh origin.

Our British Lamb is sourced from suppliers with a wealth of knowledge and experience such as Marshalls Elm Farm, operating for over 80 years as a family run farm. The father son combination farm over 500 acres all year round to provide the highest quality free range lamb. 

The range includes a selection of Joints, Steaks, Minced & Diced, as well as portion ready meats, all containing British Red Tractor accreditation. 

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