Win one of 6 trips* to Belgium including a workshop at the Callebaut ™Chocolate Academy!!

 We want to know how you help your customers celebrate special occasions! Tell us how you make your desserts special and go the extra mile for those who are celebrating.

There are two age categories - over and under 22's - with a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner in each category, all wining a place on the trip to Belgium.

 The trip will happen from 24th to 25th April and will include a visit of the Callebaut™ chocolate factory, a full day workshop and a trend tour in Brussels of chocolate shops and pastry establishments.

 Just tell us how you make your dessert extra special for those who are celebrating and enter here !

*See website for full details including terms and conditions.

Callebaut® is a brand of Barry Callebaut: the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa, chocolate and confectionery products.

Made from Callebaut's signature blend of whole roasted beans, Callebaut's Finest Belgian Chocolate brings you great taste and legendary workability. Whether making ganache, mousse, chocolate tarts sauce, it delivers the perfect end result every time.

Our Finest Belgian Chocolate crafted from bean to chocolate in Belgium, is known for its consistent taste and quality.

To experience this quality for yourself, click here to claim your free sample

Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate
Our wide variety of dark chocolate ranges from extra bitter, to milk and aromatic, each with its own unique taste.

Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate
Our Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate provides an array of flavours from a pronounced cocoa taste to something more full and creamy with subtle caramel touches.

Finest Belgian White Chocolate
Callebaut’s Finest White Chocolate is made with 100% pure cocoa butter, a selection of premium milk powders, fine sugar and a touch of pure Bourbon Vanilla.

To find out more about Callebaut’s extensive range, click here

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