Between 17th and 23rd June, World Meat Free Week is taking place across the globe. The campaign’s aim is simple and one Quorn Foods are proud to support: We want to raise awareness of the benefits of eating less meat for a healthier, balanced diet that’s better for our planet and fairer to our food systems too.

If just ONE person swaps ONE meal to meat free during World Meat Free Week, they could:

  • Save the equivalent daily water usage of eight people
  • Save the carbon equivalent of boiling a kettle 388 times
  • Save the equivalent of two teaspoons of butter in saturated fat
  • Save the equivalent amount of calories as eating one chocolate cookie 

Find out more about World Meat Free Week here.

Download our Recipe Inspiration Books below to discover how you can incorporate delicious meat free meals into your menus and join in with World Meat Free Week. 





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