With the weather having continuing to stay dry and hot, Lettuce growth is at its worst since the start of the current season meaning availability of Iceberg, Cos and prepared lettuce is now extremely limited.
Whilst we are looking to source additional stock from alternative suppliers, you may see shortages throughout this week (13th - 20th August).
Unlike previous shortages we are unfortunately unable to replace shortages with other lettuce lines due to limited supply across the entire category.
The limited lettuce supply can be attributed to two major issues;
  • The current crop has suffered from unexpected caterpillar infestation after the approved pesticides used evaporated in the extreme heat, making them ineffective
  • The high temperatures have stalled the growth of lettuces, meaning they are too small to pick
We would like to apologise in advance for any shortages to your order and the subsequent knock-on effect this may have, however please be assured that all efforts are being made to ensure supply is back to normal levels as soon as possible.

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