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On 13 December 2014, new Food Information for Consumers Regulations came into force which requires food businesses to provide allergy information on request on any food sold unpackaged.  This applies to any catering outlet such as restaurants, pubs, hotels and institutional caterers, deli counters, bakeries, sandwich bars and fast food outlets.

Failure to comply with the allergen provisions may result in criminal prosecution being brought against a food business operator. The fine imposed is unrestricted, the amount of the fine being up to the Magistrates to decide on a case by case basis.

Finding it difficult to provide correct allergen information to your customers?

Brakes is here to help! BRAN is the Brakes Recipe, Allergen & Nutrition Tool.

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Why do you need BRAN?

The Food Information for Consumers Regulations (December 2014) require all establishments serving food to be able to respond to customers' allergen queries.

You must, by law, be able to confirm which of the 14 allergens are contained in any of the products. 

What is BRAN?

BRAN is an easy to use online tool which helps you achieve compliance to legislation. 

  • It allows you or anyone in your business to answer customer's allergen queries with ease by referring to the prepared recipe cards for items on your menu. *
  • It can be accessed from your PC, tablet or mobile device

BRAN enables you to: 

  • Create recipes using the extensive product range available from Brakes (Woodward) 
  • Instantly view a list of allergens present in your recipes 
  • Review the nutritional composition of each recipe 
  • Load photos of the dish to ensure presentation remains consistent in the kitchen 
  • Print recipe cards with full ingredients, method, critical control points and notes for chefs to access 
  • Access a range of Brakes recipes with all ingredients and nutritional evaluation supplied 
  • Add selling prices and cost prices for any recipes you use, enabling you to view an estimated £ and % gross profit

How can BRAN help you manage your business?

  • Build your recipes
  • Add images
  • View allergens
  • View nutritional info
  • Print recipe cards

How much does BRAN cost?

As a Brakes customer you can access BRAN for a small annual fee of just £120 + VAT...that's just £10 + VAT/month! Just visit to register, pay by credit card and you'll be up and running!

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