One in four children in the UK currently live in poverty and are not benefiting from consistently healthy and nutritious diet. In 2015, Brakes Group established the Meals & More programme to provide children with tasty, nutritious weekday meals and an enrichment programme to help lift them out of poverty.

Initial research into childhood poverty undertaken by Brakes, has identified ‘holiday hunger’ as one of the most serious issues facing children living in poverty in the UK. When children do not have access to regular, nutritious meals there may be detrimental impacts on the child’s physical and mental development which can hinder their ability to achieve their full potential. Brakes’ position in the industry and expertise in food service puts them in a unique position to help tackle this issue and provide further valuable research into this subject.

Not having access to a healthy, balanced diet inhibits children's physical and mental development at school and at home. Together with suppliers and local delivery partners, we are committed to opening and supporting over 500 holiday clubs.


"Together with Meals & More club supporters and local delivery partners, Brakes aims to provide children between 2-18 years of age with tasty, nutritious weekday meals and access to an enrichment programme that will help lift them out of poverty."  Ken McMeikan, CEO, Brakes Group


Brakes is perfectly placed to launch an initiative to help out communities that particularly need it - with our network of distribution centres, extensive range and both regional and global suppliers, we are determined to make a positive impact.

Our aim is to help alleviate child poverty by providing tasty, nutritious food, motivating activities and a supportive environment to boost health, attitude and life aspirations for children of all ages from challenging backgrounds.


Getting involved

We're confident that the Meals & More programme offers opportunities for all sorts of companies and people to support this important work.  

You can be involved as much or as little as you like!

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