Gender Pay Gap

Report 2019

As part of the Sysco family of companies, Brakes is committed to being a fair and equal employer, offering a great experience to our customers and to everyone who works for us. This been recognised by our employee engagement score which has improved significantly three years in a row. 

At Brakes, our Gender Pay Gap has been comparatively low at less than 2% for the last two years. In our third consecutive year of reporting I am delighted that relative to the UK national average of 17.3%, our Gender Pay Gap is now almost non-existent at 0.14%. Every reportable measure has improved year on year. This is very positive news, as it means that we have almost no difference in average pay between men and women overall in our business.

The success of Brakes is down to its people. We operate in a fast-paced, rapidly evolving market that is operationally complex with high customer expectations. Our 6,500 colleagues have a unique spirit, doing everything possible as individuals and teams to help our tens of thousands of customers to succeed day in, day out. A business like ours offers a diverse range of job roles, and we provide one in five out of home meals to a customer base as varied as our workforce: from 5* hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and care homes to local independent restaurants and take-aways, and everything in between.

We have an ongoing commitment and focus to provide an open, diverse and respectful environment for all our colleagues, and their feedback through our annual engagement survey continues to recognise our approach to Diversity & Inclusion as a particular strength, and ahead of UK benchmarks. Inclusivity is one of our values and we have focused on it for some years now, through our mandatory Respect At Work training for all managers, and creating equal opportunity for career development through our talent and development programmes.

We are also proud to have launched our Inclusion & Diversity Group, and have established focus area workstreams for Women, Generations and LGBTQ+, with more to follow. We are also encouraged that we have increased our female representation at every management grade and will continue with our focus on equal treatment for all, building on the good work already in place.

We aim to offer a great working environment and opportunities for all who work at Brakes, helping us continue to lead the industry and build on the great business we have today.

Brakes UK CEO
March 2020