Gender Pay Gap

Report 2021

As part of the Sysco family, the Brakes and Sysco Speciality Group businesses are committed to being a fair and equal employer, offering a great experience to everyone who works for us.

Every year, any business in the UK with a headcount of over 250people is required to report on their gender pay gap. As a reminder, the gender pay gap is an equality measure that shows the difference in average earnings between women and men.

Our mean Gender Pay Gap for 2021 for Brake Bros Ltd is 10%. This has increased from previous years because of two factors:

  • The data cut was taken on 1 April 2021. On this date, 41% of qualifying colleagues were on flexi furlough and 52% of furloughed colleagues were excluded from the Gender Pay Gap calculations, due to receiving less than 100% of pay.
  • The data includes everyone in Brake Bros Ltd PAYE, i.e. those that are on the Brakes, Sysco International payroll and some Northern Ireland colleagues.

We believe that 2021 is an anomaly and fully expect our 2022 position to revert back to where we were previously tracking. However, this doesn’t stop our commitment and focus to provide a diverse, open and respectful environment for all our colleagues.

Inclusivity is one of our values and it’s everyone’s responsibility to live and breathe it, as well as taking action. Together we will continue with our focus on equal treatment for all, building on the good work already in place. age earnings between women and men.