Brakes has updated and expanded its Birchstead meat and poultry brand to reflect its status as a premium range that represents top quality butchery and innovative, on-trend products.

Brakes will be ramping up activity around its ‘free-from’ range over the coming months, not only to highlight its expanding offering but also to educate its customers and help them to capitalise on sales in the fast-growing, ever-changing ‘free from’ market.

Whether it’s a grab-and-go snack or a sit-down feast, a good breakfast offer is now a necessity, and not just at breakfast time! No longer defined by time of day, breakfast - whether it be avocado on toast, a protein pot, pancake stack or traditional bacon and eggs - is the most flexible of eating occasions.

Dysphagia is a condition where people have difficulty swallowing. It can happen as a result of Parkinson’s disease, a stroke, head and neck cancers and motor neurone disease. 8% of the global population has dysphagia which is 5.2 million people in the UK!

The Brakes Chefs’ Brigade has pulled together a fantastic range of festive favourites this year, including indulgent Christmas desserts, an extensive range of Vegan and Gluten free options and a great assortment of award winning, red tractor approved Turkeys.

British Food Fortnight 2018 is here - and we brought together our Best of British producers to celebrate.

Showcasing their artisan products, a host of regional suppliers including Woodalls, Rowcliffe, Great British Ice Cream, Whitby Seafood, Little & Cull, Nicholas & Harris, Honeybuns, and ABP were all on hand to talk about their ranges and what British means to them.


Brakes has a small number of trusted meat suppliers, providing top quality products for our customers. We have extensive quality control programmes in place and are committed to ensuring the highest levels of food safety. Only meat from these suppliers is available for all Brakes customers to buy


Heavenly British Beef

There are many different cuts of beef, from the more cost-effective through to the high end, premium cuts. We thought we'd give you the low down to help you make the best choices for your menu…

When we asked Sarge to come up with ideas for your Valentine’s Day menus we couldn’t wait to see what he’d create. Exceeding expectations on both flavour and ease of preparation there’s ‘devilled’ mackerel, soy glazed Gressingham duck and an ingenious quick tiramisu. All designed for couples to share – le grande amour!

See Sarge in our kitchen

A Year On

Just over a year into his exciting new partnership with the business, we caught up with Sarge to ask him what he's been up to. The answer, it turns out, is quite a lot...


How to cook lamb racks

Sarge's lamb racks are to die for! So, after devouring them, we wondered, just how does he do it? We asked him to share a few hints and tips...

Menu inspiration

We talked to Sarge about some of our recent food launches and how they have inspired some of the dishes on his menus. He certainly seems impressed…

Does brining your poultry really matter? We know it improves the texture but in a busy world such as ours, does the extra time invested pay off? We asked the man himself what he thought...

The fillet steak of the pig, melt in the mouth cut that is tender and reasonably cheap. All words Sarge uses to describe whole pork fillets, but how does he prefer to cook his? We asked him…

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