Product Assurance 

Brakes manages product quality and safety assurance through a fully documented Quality Management System covering product sourcing, packaging, labelling, testing, receipt, storage and distribution of all products.

Brakes UK & Ireland has achieved certification against the BRC ‘Global Standard for Food Storage and Distribution’ and applies the principles of HACCP Food Safety Management throughout its operation - from source of supply to final delivery to customers. Brakes also holds certification against the following standards: ‘Organic’, ‘Red Tractor Farm Assurance’, ‘LEAF’, ‘Freedom Foods’, and ‘Marine Stewardship Council’. Please Find all related downloads below for your referancing.

All manufacturing suppliers of Brakes own brand food products either hold certification to the ‘BRC Global Standard for Food Safety’ (or an equivalent standard), or are formally approved by our own Technical Managers. Similar approval requirements are in place for suppliers of our own brand non-Food Products.

All Brakes Brand products are developed by our Product Development team and produced to formally agreed specifications, which include strict microbiological, chemical and integrity standards, as well as ingredient origin and traceability information ensuring conformance to our strict quality standards.  

Accredited laboratories are used by our suppliers to carry out analytical and microbiological checks on our products. We also conduct our own surveillance testing after products have been through the distribution chain to verify that they meet legal, quality and safety standards.

Our products are labelled with the information that helps our customers store and handle products in the correct manner, and include detailed cooking instructions as well as food safety tips on those foods deemed to carry a higher risk. We also provide guidance for customers on good hygiene and food safety practices such as in our Care Home food guide that details the 4 ‘C’s; cooking, chilling, cleaning, and cross contamination avoidance.

All Brakes Distribution, Storage and Delivery operations in the UK & Ireland are regularly assessed by a team of Distribution Quality Managers, using the principles and practices of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), to ensure our rigorous standards are maintained. All products are stored at optimum temperatures within ambient, chilled (below 5° C) or frozen (below -18°C) warehouses, and are delivered in a modern fleet of purpose built vehicles.

We maintain a comprehensive system for logging customer complaints. Members of the Technical team assess all quality and other serious complaint information within 24 hours of receipt so that appropriate corrective actions can be taken. Brakes also has a tried and tested system for isolating and recall/withdrawal of any non-conforming products.