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Brakes Scotland Launch New Brochure With Over 600 Scottish Lines

Brakes Scotland continue to champion the best of Scottish produce in their new food brochure, which was launched at their Scottish Supplier Showcase at the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen last week.

The Scottish Supplier Showcase allowed new and existing Brakes Scotland customers to see and taste new products from a variety of Scottish and National Suppliers.

In relation to the Scottish Supplier Showcase, Gary Maclean said: “It’s always a pleasure to come along and work with the Brakes Scotland team. Today at the Showcase in Aberdeen we did a few live demos cooking with some of the incredible Scottish produce that is now available from Brakes Scotland. It’s good to see brilliant produce from Scottish brands being made more accessible.”

Chef Gary Maclean, Brakes Scotland Ambassador was also at the Showcase and hosted three cooking demonstrations during the event, cooking a variety of dishes with some of Scotland’s best produce

Back in 2015, Brakes Scotland offered 300 Scottish lines in their brochure but now boast over 620 Scottish products across food, alcohol and an expanding range of catering supplies. As a result, Brakes Scotland are now working with 110 suppliers, from small scale artisan producers to larger businesses

Almost eighty percent of the new food brochure consists of chilled or ambient product lines, meaning only a handful of products are frozen to preserve their freshness and maintain an unrivalled product quality. In addition, three quarters of Brakes Scotland’s meat range is chilled, including fresh Scotch Beef, chilled wild venison, black pudding, haggis, chilled sliced ham and roast beef.

Brakes Scotland are continuing to develop new product lines, including fresh fish, a range of Scottish pâtés, cheeses, desserts and ice creams which are set to launch in April 2019. A further 53 products are set to launch before August 2019.

Healthy products are also very much on the radar for Brakes Scotland and at present, Brakes Scotland are exploring a variety of healthy snacking options and drinks.

Brakes Scotland have reviewed their alcohol range and this year will offer 40 of the most popular craft ales, lagers, ciders and gins from 7 suppliers throughout Scotland, allowing every caterer to offer a local beer from their region. Suppliers include; Black Isle Brewery in Inverness to Thistly Cross Cider in Edinburgh as well as craft ales from the Isle of Skye.

This year, with their commitment to the environment, Brakes are offering very limited printed copies of the brochure and are encouraging customers - new and existing -  to download the brochure from the Brakes Scotland Website: Click here to download

John McLintock, Operations Director at Brakes Scotland said: “Brakes Scotland are delighted to bring another updated version of our Brakes Scotland brochure to our customers, now featuring many new lines. We continue to improve on our Scottish provenance showcasing some of the best food and drink that Scotland has to offer.”

Brakes Scotland Reveal Refurbished, Multi-Purpose Hospitality Suites at Newhouse Depot

Brakes Scotland invite suppliers & customers to use hospitality suites for menu development.

At the end of February 2019, Brakes Scotland opened the doors to their newly refurbished Hospitality suites at their Newhouse Depot in North Lanarkshire.

The Lomond Suite and the Nevis Suite have been redesigned and developed into two dedicated spaces for caterers who are looking to explore new menu ideas and try out new products.

Almost everything that visitors see in the suites - from the coffee machines to the cutlery - is available to be purchased directly from Brakes, as the suites are furnished exclusively with Brakes Catering Equipment. In addition, the rooms display a range of Scottish food and drink lines that are stocked by Brakes Scotland and each week new products and brands are showcased.

There is a blackboard on the wall proudly highlighting the 70 Scottish suppliers Brakes Scotland work with and allows visitors to easily highlight which suppliers are close to their business – a great selling point on menus.

Later in the year, both suites will be fully fitted with AV Systems, 75’’Plasma TVs and Video Screening, allowing visitors to connect to the development kitchen for demonstration purposes.

Brakes Scotland encourage both their suppliers and their customers to come in and use the rooms for events and meetings or even as a space just to have a quick coffee and a chat.

Lorna Allison, Marketing Manager at Brakes Scotland said: “The hospitality suites are a fantastic addition to our impressive depot at Newhouse. The two new rooms and the existing development kitchen now allow caterers to visit and create menus, taste seasonal lines and see new product development in a creative space out with their own kitchens. I'm really pleased with the end result and encourage all our customers to work with our Scottish development chef, Derek Lockett who can train, develop and support caterers through a tailored one-on-one approach in these new rooms.”

Brakes Scotland would also like to extend thanks to Solo Creative in Glasgow who redesigned the suites.

Two graduates join the growing team at Scotland food & drink

Scotland Food & Drink (SF&D) has announced the appointment of two new graduates to take on the role of Customer and Supplier Development Officer at two large scale foodservice businesses.

Catherine Campbell (22) has joined Bidfood's Edinburgh office and will focus on supplier development and commercial output. Catherine will graduate this month with a degree in Rural Business Management from Scottish Rural University College (SRUC) in Edinburgh. Hannah Beddie (24) will fill a similar position at Brakes Scotland. Hannah completed her degree in Business Studies at Edinburgh Napier University and will be based at Brakes Scotland offices in Bathgate.

The two roles will facilitate support provided by SF&D to help SME’s to reach their target consumer, bringing new products to market and growing scale and sales in their business. They will also provide supplier development support to ensure a pipeline of new suppliers and products for the foodservice operator, bringing product to market more quickly and allowing greater flexibility for risk in testing new product development with customers.

A new UK market strategy is now being finalised by the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership. It will drive new growth opportunities for Scottish suppliers as well as build their capability. Lucy Husband, UK Market Development Director, will lead this area of work for Scotland Food & Drink, which includes further recruitment of two UK Market Development Account Managers over the coming months.

Lucy Husband, UK Market Development Director at Scotland Food & Drink said:

“Scotland Food & Drink has grown a huge amount over the last 10 years and we've got big ambitions to continue to unlock growth opportunities for Scottish businesses in the UK. I am really looking forward to leading the next generation of UK Market Development work at SF&D and Catherine and Hannah will play an important role in that within their placements.”

Hannah Beddie, Customer and Supplier Development Officer at Brakes Scotland, said:

"The vision and objective of the partnership between Scotland Food & Drink and Brakes Scotland is exciting and ambitious. This role is an incredible opportunity to develop my own skills and abilities and also make Scottish produce a more prominent player in markets. I feel so lucky to have started my dream job so quickly after completing my degree, food and drink have always been a massive part of my life and now I have the opportunity to build a career doing something I love."

Catherine Campbell, Customer and Supplier Development Officer at Bidfood, added:

"I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to have the opportunity to work with Bidfood. I've had a busy first few weeks with the team and have visited the headquarters in Slough and had the opportunity to shadow some fantastic and experienced employees. After my training, I will be a specialist in fresh meat as well as beer, spirits and wine, which is very exciting. I am looking forward to working closely with Scottish suppliers and helping businesses grow and find new opportunities within UK markets."

Scotland Food & Drink’s Ambition 2030 strategy has a strong focus on growing Scottish food and drink sales across the UK, an area of work Scotland Food & Drink has led for a number of years, working closely with the major retailers and foodservice companies.

To find out more about Scotland Food & Drink and the work of the UK Market Development team, visit www.foodanddrink.scot


Ellis Allan
0131 335 0943

Kathryn Mutch
0131 335 0949


Scotland Food & Drink is the membership organisation tasked with driving responsible growth through collaborative partnership between public sector and its member companies. Working with The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, we aim to double the value of the country's farming, fishing, food and drink industry to £30 billion by 2030 and to cement Scotland’s reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.

Established in 2007, Scotland Food & Drink brings all the industry associations– from farmers and fishermen to manufacturers – together with the key public-sector agencies. Together, we work in a spirit of collaboration and partnership to develop the economic growth strategy for the industry, which Government and public-sector agencies align their support behind.

The SF&D Partnership is increasingly recognised across the rest of the UK and internationally as a model to follow. The partnership between industry and government forged through SF&D has been integral to success and is recognised as key to food and drink moving from being a sector of static growth in 2007, to one of the best performing sectors of the Scottish economy.



Brakes Scotland has committed to the region for the past 60 years and currently employs over 600 local people. Brakes Scotland partners with over 100 Scottish suppliers serving more than 9,000 customers across the nation. Operating from four sites across Scotland in Inverness, Oban, Dundee and Newhouse, Brakes Scotland offers customers a fully multi-temperature service and a range of 500 Scottish product lines.
Brakes Scotland is owned by Sysco, a world leading supplier to the foodservice sector in the UK, Ireland, France, Sweden and America.
For more information please see: http://www.brake.co.uk/scotland

Masterchef winner judges Scottish Primary Schools food challenge

On Tuesday (12 June) teams of pupils from primary schools across Scotland took part in a cook- off judged by a team of 'dragons' - including MasterChef: The Professionals winner Gary MacLean.

The Braw Lunch-Brake Challenge challenged Scottish primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils to create an innovative new dish – which includes local Scottish produce - for their school dinner. This year there were 57 entries to the competition and judges found it difficult to pick just five finalists!

The final event was held at the City of Glasgow College and is based on a similar format to TV programme Dragons' Den. The teams pitched their product ideas including marketing plans to the judges before taking part in a final cook-off.

This annual competition is organised by Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland, Education Scotland, ASSIST FM, Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) and sponsored by Brakes Scotland. It tests the pupils' creative and entrepreneurial skills and also helps to highlight the skills needed to get food from farm to fork and the range of jobs and careers offered in the food and drink industry.

Lewis Crichton and Lukasz Lejkowski from St Ninian's Primary in Livingston won the competition with their Hamelujah and Eggtastic Pie. Lewis and Lukasz's class will be treated to a visit to the Royal Highland Show.

Chris Boyle, Channel Head - Public Sector, Brakes Scotland, said:

“Once again we were delighted to run the Braw Lunch Brake Challenge. This event just goes from strength to strength each year - we couldn't do this without our partners at FDF Scotland, RHET, ASSIST and Education Scotland. But pivotal to this competition is the pupil's participation and that was phenomenal this year. Well done to all our exceptional entrants and finalists and a big shout out to Lukasz & Lewis from St Ninian's who were our competition winners!

Moira Stalker, Skills Manager, FDF Scotland, said:

“I was very impressed by the quality of the entries this year. The amount of work and research that the pupils put in was outstanding. It was difficult to narrow these down to five finalists and even more difficult to pick the final winner! This challenge showcased the variety of exciting careers and processes that are involved in creating one product and getting it to market.”

Keith Breasley, National Chair, ASSIST FM, said:

“A great day which showcased what great results can be achieved when dedicated teachers and enthusiastic pupils get together to enjoy food. From source to plate - the knowledge was impressive and supports the fact that food in schools in Scotland is something of which we can be proud.”

Gayle Gorman, Chief Executive, Education Scotland, said:

“I am delighted to see so many primary pupils getting involved in this fun and engaging learning opportunity. Education Scotland is delighted to support this fantastic competition that allows pupils to develop skills for life while learning about the importance of food education. In addition, it enhances collaborative working between the catering industry and education. Congratulations to the winners and all those involved.”

Katrina Barclay, RHET Manager said:

“This year school pupils entering the competition were asked to consider the sourcing of ingredients and encouraged to take part in a RHET farm visit which brings the food journey full circle. The level of research at grass roots has been exceptional and credit is due to those who made it to the final round. We look forward to welcoming the winners to the Royal Highland Show later this month.”

The finalists included:

  • Carradale Primary (Argyll and Bute) - Skewered lamb and vegetables on cous cous
  • St Ninian's RC Primary (West Lothian)- Hamelujah and Eggtastic Pie
  • Whitdale Primary (West Lothian) - Chikken Tikka and Wedges
  • Tynewater Primary (Midlothian) - Super Sausage Stew
  • Allan's Primary (Stirling) - Terrific Tacos

Note to Editors:

  1. The whole food and drink industry from agriculture, fishing, aquaculture through to manufacturing makes a significant contribution to the economy, with an annual turnover of over £14bn and employing around 114,000 people.
  2. FDF Scotland is the voice of the Scottish food and drink manufacturing industry – Scotland's largest manufacturing sector.
  3. FDF Scotland's schools work - A Future in Food, funded by the Scottish Government through Scotland Food & Drink, helps teachers, pupils and parents better understand the food and drink industry in Scotland, highlights the wide variety of careers on offer, helps pupils understand the skills required by employers and how the subjects they study in school relate to the real world of work.
  4. The judges of the final challenge on 12 June 2018 at City of Glasgow College were: Gary MacLean; Moira Stalker – Skills Manager at FDF Scotland; Lorna Aitken - Development Officer at Education Scotland; Keith Breasley – National Chair of ASSIST FM; and Derek Lockett - Development Chef at Brakes Scotland.

Contact Kirsty Ritchie, Food and Drink Federation Scotland, at: kirsty.ritchie@fdfscotland.org.uk, or 0131 222 8040.

Scottish Primary Schools to create new dish for their school meals

Primary schools are challenged to create an innovative, healthy dish – using Scottish produce - for their school meal.

The 2019 Braw Lunch-Brake Challenge launched today (26 February) – it is open to primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils from across Scotland. Finalists will take part in a cook-off at the City of Glasgow College and pitch their product ideas including marketing plans to a team of ‘Dragons’. The prize for the final winners is an all expenses trip to the Royal Highland Show for their entire class.

This challenge is a partnership between Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland, Brakes Scotland, ASSIST FM, Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) and Developing Young Workforce. It tests the pupils’ creative and entrepreneurial skills. At the same time pupils learn about all the processes and skills needed to get food from farm to fork and the range of careers on offer in the food and drink industry.

Chris Boyle, Head of Public Sector, Brakes Scotland, said:

"Brakes Scotland with FDF Scotland and partners set up this challenge 4 years ago to simply get children involved in hands-on cooking. It's a life skill and we know many children are not getting these basic skills due to equipment struggles at school. This challenge allows teachers to have a 'gate to plate' lesson plan and have some fun with food and potentially spark some interest in children considering careers in food and drink but ultimately, understanding healthy food choices.”

Moira Stalker, Skills Manager, FDF Scotland, said:

“We are delighted to be running this challenge again. Every year I am inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the pupils. I would encourage teachers to get your schools involved in this exciting competition.”

Keith Breasley, National Chair, ASSIST FM, said:

“The best way to improve a child's diet is to get them involved and interested in food - this competition does just that. Thank you Brakes!”

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