Palm oil is a vegetable oil used in a variety of food products. In recognition of the potential unregulated production of this commodity we have put strategies in place to reduce and eventually remove unsustainable palm oil in our own brand products.

To this end we have issued the following policy to our suppliers:

By 31st December 2015: all palm oil used in Brakes' own brand products must be certified as sustainable (Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, or CSPO), i.e. sourced through one or more of the RSPO Certified Sustainable Supply Chain Systems:

  • “Book and Claim – GreenPalm”
  • “Controlled Mixing – Mass Balance”
  • “Fully Segregated”

We are delighted to announce that we are 100% compliant.

Additionally, by 31st December 2018: only “Fully Segregated” certified sustainable palm oil will be used in Brakes' own brand products. In addition, if and when certified sustainable sources of palm oil derivatives become commercially available they will be used in Brakes own brand products. In addition, where feasible or deemed possible, we will attempt to remove/replace palm oil from the product recipe.


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