Eating less meat is becoming mainstream and thanks to widespread campaigns, like Meat Free Monday and Veganuary, more consumers in the UK are now trying plant-based dishes than ever before. There has been a growth in consumers choosing to be ‘part-time’ vegans and more people are choosing to become vegan as a lifestyle choice for health and/or environmental reasons*.

In January 2018, supermarkets saw 1 in 10 shoppers buy a meat free ready meal, with sales up 15% compared to January last year**, and we're seeing the same appetite for vegan options in food service. Vegan menu mentions are up 640% in the last 2 years alone***, and chains such as Pizza Express, All Bar One, Starbuck and Prezzo are all introducing vegan specific menus and dishes.

* Mega Food & Drink Trends – The Food People 2018-2019 **Kantar World Panel, February 2018  ***MCA Menu Tracker April 2018

We use information from the Vegan Society to understand the market, and ensure our own brand products meets consumer needs. We’re here to help chefs keep pace and maintain a competitive advantage.

The Brakes Guide to Vegan is our new source of information on what a vegan diet is, the latest trends and insight, as well as inspirational recipes and products that you can serve up to your customers, including our new vegan burger.

Our vegan burger is a fantastic and innovative product that gives you the real look and taste of a beef burger but is 100% plant based, so a satisfying and tasty alternative to meat! With the same versatility as a beef burger there are so many ways to build the ultimate vegan burger! And not only is it perfect for the growing vegan market but also for the growing number of meat eaters who are reducing their meat consumption.

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