As a leading supplier to the foodservice sector, Brakes employs a Nutritionist to provide information and advice to all customers. It is part of their role to ensure Brakes provides a wide range of products that enables customers to create healthy and appealing menus for consumers of all ages.

Brakes include full nutrition labelling on all Brakes brand packaged products. On consumer facing packaging, Brakes also display front of pack labelling for energy with kcal and kJ per portion as well as the % of the Reference Intake. The nutritional value of all Brakes brand products is also available to view through the List Online.

Brakes offer a large and varied range of products including many inherently healthy foods such as lean meat, fish, dairy products, wholegrain cereals, fruits and vegetables. This is supported by the 5-a-day logo for fruit and vegetables. The Healthier Choices range offers prepared foods that are either low fat or have reduced fat content and meet our own strict criteria for salt and sugar.

Brakes are aware of the requirements of the Government Buying Standards for caterers.

Within this standard all foods can be provided but there is a need to offer a proportion of foods that meet either higher welfare standards or particular nutrition criteria. Brakes are also aware of catering standards required in education and in healthcare.

We have a database for all our products containing the information required to develop menus and catering services that meet government buying standards, school food regulations and the requirements of the Care Quality Commission, and can advise on products to meet any of these standards.


For any enquiries contact or call our customer service helpline 0845 6069090.

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