Pubs & Restaurants


Whether it’s traditional pub food or fine dining, Brakes understands what pubs need in order to thrive as a food business. So whether you require time-saving solutions or scratch cooking ingredients and provenance, we ensure that we are sourcing products with you in mind - so our range reflects the needs and requirements of your kitchen.

We constantly check the market to understand what 'hot trends' are emerging and where we can support you in bringing them to life in your establishment. Through NPD, marketing support and insight we can help you create menus that will differentiate you from the competition and excite your customers.

Latest trend in the Pubs & Restaurants market -Bleeding Meat Free Burger

The vegan market is growing rapidly, as is the flexitarian and vegetarian markets. Vegan menu mentions are up 640% in the last 2 years alone* with this growth it’s important to ensure you have options on your menu to cater for the needs of this growing market.

Our latest B12 Bleeding Meat Free Burger from Moving Mountains replicates the appearance and texture of a normal burger, however it is made using only plant based ingredients! This burger cooks from frozen in just 6-7 minutes and is the perfect vegan dish for pubs and restaurants. This burger is guaranteed to impress your vegan customers, as well as meat eaters. - *MCA Menu Tracker April 2018.

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