Consumers choose Quorn because it tastes good, and it’s made with a protein that’s better for the planet and it’s impressively versatile.

If the number of UK consumers claiming to be reducing their meat consumption goes up by 10% as predicted***, on any one day, almost half of your customers will want to choose from great tasting meat free options from your menu.
When a menu includes Quorn, it is giving every customer countless delicious options that can satisfy their ethics, health aspirations and most importantly, their taste buds.

Discover why Quorn is a delicious, meat free protein source

  • Quorn products are high in protein and fibre
  • Quorn products are low in fat and have a low GI Index
  • Quorn has no undesirable additives and is GMO free

Discover why chefs love cooking with Quorn

  • Easy to store and simple to use
  • Cooks straight from frozen with minimal prep
  • Soya-free and uses only free range eggs
  • Versatile enough to use for everything from stir-frys to street food
  • A delicious meat free option for any sort of cuisine, any time of day

Sustainable nutrition

Quorn products provide sustainable nutrition, through the unique protein that we produce, MycoproteinTM. Producing this protein uses less land and water than animal protein production, so it’s better for the planet too. No wonder Quorn achieved Carbon Trust accreditation.

So Quorn doesn’t just help make almost any dish on your menu healthier than the meat version, it makes it better for the planet.

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* Kantar Worldpanel

**YouGov – November 2018

*** Research conducted in 2016 by Forum for the Future and Counterpoint

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