Birchstead Mature is a range of 21 day aged British beef cuts, delivering superior flavour, texture and menu appeal. Our range consists of the most popular steaks and joints to provide a premium alternative to recognised favourites, yet has a great point of difference which is sure to get customers talking. 

Why age Beef?

Ageing (or maturation) is an essential part of the beef production process and allows naturally occurring enzymes to partially break down the muscle fibres in the meat making it more tender and slowly developing a more succulent, consistent flavour throughout.

What do our customers think?

“Simply stunning! These are the only two words I need to describe Birchstead 21 Day Aged range of beef products! I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Birchstead Beef to anyone. The whole striploins and whole ribeyes are amongst some of the best beef products I’ve ever tasted and served to my own customers” Scott Gilmour, Executive Chef, Seamill Hydro Hotel & Resort

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