Available to eligible customers only, please ask your usual sales representative whether this deal is available to you.

    Meat & Vodka Offer

    This Christmas, recieve a free case of Smirnoff vodka (6 x 70cl) when you order any 12 of the following centre of plate meats! This includes Turkey butterfly, gammon joints and smoked salmon. For delivery between 1st October and 30th December 2018. This offer is unlimited, meaning you can recieve more than one case of vodka if more centre of plate meats are ordered.



    1. Any 12 centre of plate meats will need to be ordered and delivered between 1st of October 2018 – 30th December 2018
    2. Once the 12th unit has been delivered you will receive your FREE case of Smirnoff Vodka within 28 days
    3. This offer is unlimited, meaning if you buy 24 units, you will be eligible for 2 FREE cases of Smirnoff Vodka!

    Vodka/Meat Deal Terms & Conditions

    1. This offer is available to all Brakes & Woodward repped customers and TUCO customers only
    2. Qualification for a free case of 6x70cl Smirnoff vodka is subject to ordering and receiving delivery of any 12 units of C 70117 Brakes Gammon Joint, C 71288 Prime Meats Beef Topside, C 110765 Unbanded Turkey Butterfly EU (Skin On) 4 – 6kg and C 71081 M&J Seafood Sliced Smoked Salmon Side (skinless, boneless) 900g between 1st October 2018 – 30th December 2018.
    3. This offer is only valid on the product offer codes shown, it does not apply to any substitutions – substitutions will not count towards your vodka and meat deal.
    4. Products within this offer must be bought at the promotional price or higher to qualify for free vodka.
    5. Sales will be measured on invoiced sales, any returns or non-deliveries will not count.
    6. Vodka will be delivered within 28 days of the 12th unit being delivered.
    7. Offer can be claimed an unlimited amount of times, subject to clauses 5 & 8.
    8. Offer available while stocks last.
    9. Vodka shown in advertisements and other marketing materials are for illustration purposes only. The actual brand, quantity and size may differ.
    10. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination, suspension or extension of the Campaign period shall not entitle eligible customers to any claims or compensations whatsoever against Brakes for any and all losses and/or damages suffered or incurred by the eligible customers as a direct or indirect result of the said act of cancellation, termination, suspension or extension.
    11. Brakes shall not be responsible nor shall accept any liabilities whatsoever howsoever arising or suffered by the eligible customers resulting directly or indirectly from this Campaign.
    12. Brakes reserves the right at any time to amend, delete or add to the Campaign terms and conditions contained herein, wholly or in part at its absolute discretion and without prior notice.
    13. If any matters arising from this Campaign are not covered under the terms and conditions set out for this Campaign, they shall be determined solely by Brakes.

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